Simple Decor

So, I guess you could call me a practical kind of girl. I am simple with my clothes, and I don’t wear much jewelry (other than my wedding ring). My nails are rarely done, and in the mornings after I am ready for the day, I rarely look in the mirror again to primp.  I am pretty easy going overall and don’t need a lot to keep me happy.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I don’t admire beautiful, lavish things. I definitely do. And I admire those women who can step out of the house looking like they belong on the cover of a magazine, however, that is not me. I am lucky to be wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a ponytail. If my hair is down, my kids ask me what the occasion is. lol.

I can see the results of my practical personality on many of the choices I have made in my life, and this even includes my home decor. I love clean lines and natural light paired with a few choice accents. I enjoy decor that is not busy and brimming with items.

Now, that is definitely OK if that is your style. I just personally could never pull it off.  This doesn’t mean my house doesn’t get cluttered. Toys here and there, papers in stacks etc. It definitely does. But I know that once the clutter is gone, I can re-focus back on simple things. And I try to make that the focus of my life in general. The simple things. Things that really matter: faith, family and friends.

I was able to score this simple decor at Hobby Lobby! Hope you enjoy it and it inspires you!


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