I Can Do This….

I am sure I have it in me to keep plants alive. Ok, I am not completely sure but am really, really, hopeful. I have had the worst luck with plants, however, I am determined to change my luck this spring and summer.


My husband says he knows why all my plants die; “You need to water them, Mary.” Ha, ok ,he may be on to something. It is probably true. I am pretty certain it is not the plant’s fault. After all, they want to live. They have an innate desire to live and reproduce seedlings to go on making the world beautiful long after they are gone, right?! So I guess you could call me a plant murderer. But since it isn’t intentional on my part, I guess it would be closer to plant manslaughter.or plantslaughter?

So, enough about that. I am turning over a new leaf (pun intended :-)) and I am determined to have a successful garden, or at least a few plants that make it through in spite of my best efforts.

I have already purchased flowers and soil am in the process of replanting them into our little flower bed.


So here is a little bit of what I am working on now. I am excited to share the before and after pictures! I hope they inspire you to become a plant advocate 🙂 Stay tuned!!!


The picture up top is of my beautiful little herb plants. They are inspiring right? Yes! But they are fake! Ha, snagged these little babies at TJ Maxx for 9.99 🙂

I guess if my plant skills do not get any better, there is always plastic.



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