Fairy Gardens…

My kids have been asking to build a fairy garden for months, and of course, being the procrastinator I am, I put it off. However, as I was walking into my local Dollar Tree for balloons (they have the best deal on balloons) I came across these adorable fairy houses. How could I possibly say no to this cuteness!

So, after purchasing five tiny little homes, and dropping one in the parking lot, I brought my four remaining tiny cottages back home to show my excited kids! I had found a pot that was the perfect size at Lowes and it had been sitting in my back garden for a while not being used. Perfect! I love to reuse and recycle old decor.



My son soon tired of the fairy project and went to play with his friends, but my dear daughter was in it for the long haul. We dragged the pot to the perfect location and decided to start building.


We had made a quick trip over to Lowes (I swear I should buy stock in that company, I am ALWAYS there!) and purchased a few flowers and some soil that we thought would work best with our little fairy homes.

Surprisingly, this little project went pretty quickly. I guess my daughter and I were both motivated to see the finished results. She was sure that fairies would be moving in that night and didn’t want to waste any time.


We were able to use some left over rocks from our fish tank (also purchased from the Dollar Tree) as the sidewalk.


I love how excited my little one was while she was deciding where she wanted the cottages to go.


I figured I better get a few pictures while it was still in perfect shape, before all the neighborhood children discovered it and decided to redecorate.


Last picture- my dear little said “I think these flowers smell even better because they are in the Fairy Garden”

Oh how I love her and this project we accomplished together!




2 thoughts on “Fairy Gardens…

  1. Adorable!! I made a large fairy garden around me tree. I transplanted moss, had fences, a wishing well, sitting areas & so on. It was back-breaking but I admired it. I love my suirrels but they dug up so much to hide food for the winter (even though I feed them). I gave up on it until I think of a better way to have one outside. Hope you get to keep yours 😉


    1. Thank you so much for your response. I am sure your garden was amazing! I hope you have lots of pictures! Maybe you can share one? Luckily we don’t have squirrels to deal with, only kids who like to dig things up..lol


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