The Pantry….

OK, So I have been wanting to organize my pantry since we moved in to our home, but have never seemed to have time, or honestly,  the desire. I knew it needed done, but of all the projects I have, it is the least exciting, so it would be the one to always get passed over on my every growing to do list.

However, it was seriously getting embarrassing. Especially when my kids had play dates and would be looking in the pantry for a snack with their friends. You could not find anything!

Here is a before picture- Dont judge LOL!!




So, recently I started perusing Pinterest for inspiration and organization ideas for a small pantry. There are SO many great ideas and creative people on Pinterest, that it helped get my motivation going. So, after the kids left for school one morning, I left to find the perfect organizers.

First stop was Target. I was looking for bins that could organize nicely in the space I have, but also give a nice aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, even though I love target, they didn’t have what I was looking for. Next stop was Big Lots, and Dollar tree (as you will come to learn, I love a good bargain). But, again, no such luck at either of these stores.

Finally I made my way to TJ maxx/Homegoods and I found the perfect bins and Glass canisters! I quickly purchased them (they also happened to be cheaper than similar ones on Amazon, so yay for that)!

I should tell you before I show you the following pictures, that I threw away 3 FULL bags of garbage. I am talking the trash bag size, not the little store bags. It was horrible how much food had been wasted or expired simply because it was hidden on the shelves!


Ok, OK, so this may not actually be a picture of my trash, but it sure felt like it! I wish I would have remembered to take a picture while I was dumping it!

Before using the bins I bought, I decided to use contact paper and cover the shelves. When we bought our home, the shelves already had stains that I couldn’t just wash out and I knew I would need to paint them or use contact paper. I decided contact paper would be easiest and I liked the design better than what I could do with paint. Yes, looks a little gross-Again- dont



So this is the amazing Duck Brand contact paper I bought at Walmart for only $4.97 per roll! I also bought some chalk labels for my canisters for only $3.99 from Hobby Lobby (plus I used a coupon to get 40% off). Yay for deals!!

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 7.19.45 PM

I really liked this design. There were quite a few to choose from but I liked the nice clean lines and it goes with the decor in my kitchen. I had a little trouble cutting the paper, but as soon as I changed up my scissors for box cutters, it was a much smoother process.



Ok, so finally I organized my food in the way that I thought was most practical for my family. I used the rectangle bins for items on low shelves that we use often and that the kids need easy access to. Those bins I purchased at TJ Maxx. I ended up spying a few bins at Walmart that had the open front. I thought they would be perfect for the higher shelves and make it easier to grab items I needed.

Here are a few pics of the finished product



and another…



And another….


And here is a final before and after

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 7.19.30 PM

I still need to give the whole pantry a new coat of paint at some point since there are spots on the wall that are stained, but in the meantime, I may be able to use Magic Eraser :-)! I will let you all know how that works.

I hope this has maybe inspired you all and maybe you will clean and organize your pantry and it wont take you over a year to get to it!

Thanks for reading!


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